Electro magnetic radiation (EMR) is found everywhere in the environment. Electro magnetic fields (EMF) can be high or low strength, natural or man made, and continuous or short-term. In an electro magnetic field the magnetic field and electric field travel perpendicularly self propagating… the magnetic field produces an electric field and the electric field produces a magnetic field.

All electromagnetic radiation in the electro magnetic spectrum is not created equal, and has different health effects on our bodies. There are four pathological effect windows in the electro magnetic spectrum.

  1. Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) fields are those such as power lines, plug in devices, household appliances, etc. In this effect window of low frequency, the magnetic field is dominant. Magnetic fields have been around since the beginning of time. Our bodies have developed a threshold for this radiation as long as there is not a excessively high amount of power that is pushing the magnetic field, like directly below power lines. ELF deals in the HZ to KHZ range. (60-1000 HZ)
  2. Higher frequencies (HF) are the microwave effect window.  A raw microwave signal oscillating at 1900 million cycles per second, is too fast for the body to pick up. Our bodies only recognize a microwave when high power is put behind the signal causing a heating of tissue…like heating meat in a microwave oven.
  3. The Information Carrying Radio Wave (ICRW) effect window includes all wireless transmission… cell phones, cell towers, Wi-Fi. The mechanism of harm involves biological responses triggered at the cell membrane. We have no threshold to the exposure of ICRW.
  4. The highest end of the spectrum is the ionising radiation effect window. This is a powerful source causing extremely high energy breaking chemical bonds. These electro magnetic waves are from sunlight, lightening, Ultra violet, X-rays… Our bodies have a limited threshold for this radiation depending on intensity of the power, proximity to the source, duration & frequency, and vulnerability of the person.