CELL PHONES: We ask ourselves, “What would we do without them?” What we don’t know is that we are receiving more than just phone calls and text messages. Cell phones emit a laser-like beam from both its internal and external antennas. These beams of radiation are classified in two ways, near field and far field. Near field radiation goes into your ear canal and directly to your brain. The far field radiation goes through anything in its path. So wherever your phone is when it is not being used… pockets, purses, clips, etc., it is radiating sensitive body parts. Radiation affects all organs of the body including the liver, kidneys, ovaries, breasts, testicles and eyes. Radiation does lessen with distance, but even the far field is hazardous as the radio waves carrying information are still pulsing throughout your body.

You are still receiving radio waves even when your phone is on standby since it communicates continuously on full power to the nearest base station to ensure you have the best signal. It is the worse when your phone reads “low signal bars” since it transmits every 30 seconds to try to get a better signal. The only time cell phones are not emitting radiation is when the battery is out.

There are precautions you can take to ensure you are as safe as possible. Use your cell phone as little as possible. Your phone uses full power when connecting to a number so hold it as far from your head as possible until it has finished dialing.  Never use a cell phone within six inches of your body. It is best to use the speakerphone as much as possible.  Refrain from using your cell phone in an elevator, car, train, or airplane.  Any enclosure surrounded by metal increases your exposure to the radiation since the radiation bounces off the metal as your phone continually searches for a signal. It is also recommended not to use your phone at high speeds because this automatically increases its power to maximum as it tries to connect to new antennas.

Obviously the safest solution is to not use cell phones at all. Keep in the mind that the “fancier” the phone with all the special features, the more power it takes, thus the potential for more harm.