Friday December 15, 2017

Smart Meter Killing Shrub

Three shrubs have been growing against the brick wall of this home for several years. They had such healthy and thich growth that a robin built her nest above the old electrical meter that had been here for years. About three months ago, the old but perfectly servicable electric meter was removed and replaced with a […]

Smart Meter Program Signals Health Concerns to Consumers: Exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) 24/7 Throughout Our Homes

Chronic exposure to radiofrequency and microwave radiation is still considered a potential health risk. The Smart Meter RF/MW levels are much higher than those already reported to cause cell damage. Research has shown that exposure to this low ambient radiation can cause damage to DNA. What we know about cancer is that DNA damage is always present. Through the roll out of the Smart Grid program, we will be constantly bombarded with EMR – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Insomnia, high blood pressure, rapid heart beat, chronic fatigue, confusion . . . Why do we feel so bad? If we could see the EMF we wouldn’t tolerate it! It is invisible. We are living in a wireless smog, which just got thicker with the EMF from the Smart Meter installations.

What happens physiologically when we are exposed to EMR from cell phones.

What happens physiologically when we are exposed to the EMR of cell phones.

How different frequencies of electro magnetic radiation (EMR) effect our health.

Electro magnetic radiation and how the different frequency fields effect our health.

The Science of The Smart Meter.

In order to fully grasp the “science” of the Smart Meter one must first understand the basics. The OpenWay Smart Meter is the meter that is being supplied by SDGE. It will use several systems with different capabilities and capacities. OpenWay is able to use multiple transport technologies (RF, BPL, PLC, IP) so almost any network […]

The safety guidelines set by the FCC regarding EMR and cell sites are faulty!

The FCC safety guidelines regarding EMR from cell sites is based on short term thermal effects of radio waves. Adverse biological effects have been documented at levels below FCC guidelines. There are no federal guidelines for non thermal effects or long term exposure to this low ambient radiation from the ICRW.

The different measuring devices used to measure electromagnetic radiation.

The different measuring devices used for the different frequencies of EMR electro magnetic radiation.

What you need to know about cell phones and your health.

All about cell phones and your health.

Check this out…

The small town of Fairfax, just north of San Francisco, California, is hoping to stop or at least put a pause on Pacific Gas & Electric’s smart meter installation project planned for July. The town council is raising concerns over the possible health risks presented by smart meters, saying that they could be worse than […]

How to reduce personal radiation exposure from “Wi-Fi” or wireless networks.

Wireless Internet, otherwise known as Wi-Fi, is the most common way of connecting people to the Internet. These wireless “hot spots” lurk everywhere; coffee shops, schools, hotels, and now even throughout an entire city… Austin, Texas! With this connection comes a continuous pulsating microwave radiating, even when computers are not being used. How do you […]